Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park – Gainesville, FL


Florida’s version of a miniature rain forest can be found at this small yet popular state park, the only geological site within the Florida state park system. A cavity 500 feet wide and 117 feet below sandhill habitat lures visitors down the 236-step stairway, where luscious vegetation thrives in the damp sink. The park is a National Natural Landmark and holds much geological and historical significance. Shark teeth, marine shells, and remains of extinct land animals have been discovered in this diverse, unusual environment. Because bones and teeth from ancient life forms were found, it was believed to be the millhopper that fed bodies to the devil, hence the name. Legend has it that the sink was created by the devil to swallow the bodies of Indian braves who chased after the kidnapper of a beautiful princess.

Enjoy the fascinating descent to the bottom and back, the vistas from the half-mile rim trail, or have fun exploring the remaining areas of the 63-acre park. A fairly quick and easy must-see if you are in the north-central Florida area.

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